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Computer locked scammer popup + link (1)
Windows tech support popup (1)
Fake wirus alert (1)
Microsoft edge tech support scam popup (3)
Computer locked microsoft scammer popup (2)
Firefox tech support scam popup (2)
Microsoft "Support" scammers (2)
Microsoft Support Scam 1-888-344-2028 (2)
Windows tech support scam (google chrome) (2)
"Your computer has been blocked" scammer popup (2 numbers) (1)
Fake microsoft support scam popup (2)
Support Tech Scammer 1-833-310-3111 (3)
Microsoft windows tech support scammer (3)
Microsoft scammer popup (2)
Tech support scammer with Australian number (1)
Microsoft "tech support" scammer popup (2)
Microsoft windows "Tech Support" scam popup (2)
Computer locked scammer popup (2)
Australian fake apple scammer popup (2)
Fake wirus popup with Australian number (2)
Internet explorer scammer popup msg (1)
Microsoft edge scammer popup - (888) 694-6063 (2)
Microsoft fake computer warning popup msg (4)
"Critical alert from microsoft" scam popup (2)
Chrome scammer popup "Your Computer was locked" (2)
Tech Support Scammer: 1-833-310-2111 (3)
Windows support popup scam (Clickonce scam) (3)
Windows tech support scam popup (1)
Windows "System Support Alert" popup (1)