1-844-794-2515 Yahoo email scam

On the line with them now. Damn, that Hindi accent gives them away.

Kill 'em boys.

Also 877-465-0280

Looks like these guys got their facebook and twitter removed already lol and also if thir isnt a catergory please put it under scam > Other

Sorry still learning :stuck_out_tongue:
I was on the phone for an hour.

He gave me more numbers. Its hilarious how many false credit card numbers you can give these guys. This dude seriously had a hard on for me.


website: www.advsoft.us

happy scambaitin’ :slight_smile:

866-537-8008- this is the only number that actually works and someone picked up fast the other 2 numbers I was sitting here watching paint dry, but I am using your screenshots and seeing what I can do then I will call back on another number and see if I can get them. Also none of the numbers they provide with is the correct yahoo customer service number so lol he got triggered really quick and hung up he wanted me to open team viewer and I did and I was like yeah the last tech gave me his partner id and password I hit the communicate tab at the top to switch sides with partner well this scammer didn’t fall for it and then rage hung up lol.

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