1-855-264-0888 'Windows Support'

Here is another company. They claim to be windows support.
IP (from website):
Phone Number: 1-855-264-0888
Just keep calling them!

Ok this seems to be a popup scammer so I have moved it to the right category, do you have a ss of the popup or a link to the popup?

Whatever the scam is, they are still answering and ripe for abuse.
More timid than most.

Called and he wanted a google play card, but he gave me his personal number
4156888656 steve

Dont these guys close at the weekend?

So good, I thought he was onto me a couple times, I guess “they’re arrogance blinds them.” :laughing:

I got through to “Jack Wilson” here’s his number. 628-900-6755. I was hoping to connect to his teamviewer, but couldn’t. I did manage to get his Id for what it’s worth. 535 364 688. Gotta love snipping tool!