1-888-402-1403 Microsoft support

I Can’t Dial The Number BTW this is my first ry in scambaiting so help me if you can please

That means that the number is dead. Nothing you can do other than try another number. Unfortunately, scam numbers don’t last long, especially after they are posted onto websites like this because they get spammed with scambaiters. Typically numbers only work for an hour or two, although some last longer.

To get numbers, it is always best to monitor multiple sites. The ones I am usually on are this website, scammer(dot)info, and bobrtc.tel. Again, the sooner you call after a post, the more likely you are to get through. Yesterday I made about 350 calls and only got through to 4 or 5. Be patient, and you will find one that works.

Because you are new to scambaiting, you should read the how to on this page for safety reasons. Usually scammers aren’t tech savvy, but in the unlikely event you get the one in the whole world who is, it is better to be safe than sorry. Hope this helps!