1 888 746-4361 subhuman Microsoft support pos's @ this number

1 888 746-4361 I was bored and took this ah* for a ride for a little less than 4 hours

1-800-247-5003 there number. This is a $100 rebate scam from The Great America Award Center. I have to give my details so this scammer girl wants my first name and last name and wants my phone number and street addres there is a fee for shipping and activation of $2.95 one time. So now she is asking for my fake card number and now I am getting transferred to her supervisor. I have to talk to a machine with my fake details. They also try to get other great benefits while the machine is talking, I love this I am wasting so much time with them. Confirmation number is 051320193392. 1-800-555-1212 this number and they will assist me for the information that I called for. So I wasted about 28 mins of there time it felt longer then she called me back off of this number 1-415-026-3219. But enjoy.

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none of these picked up for me