$100 dollar gift card Scammer 1-888-423-7352

They called me i had fun with them until they realized than they blocked me, they also speak spanish

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I called the number and said, “The aggressive piano playing when i’m on hold is really good sounding.” He laughed so hard and said, “Finally someone likes the piano playing. okay well you take care and have a wonderful day.” I’m not sure if i should call him back and call him out for scamming or if i should just let him be LOL.

Always call back until they rage

Then do it more :skull:

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I decided to call back multiple times and they are getting mad.

My name is Lisa and I will be helping you to redeem your $100 voucher code could I get your name please?

Yes my name is Mike Hawk

Okay Mr.Hawk what address should I write down as reference?

You got down MikeHawk right?”my cock”

Yes sir

Did you enjoy it?

Enjoy what sir?

MikeHawk “my cock”

hangs up

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They are puerto rican not indians