100 dollar voucher to any store for a 42 dollar charge . 208-600-6350

A 100$ voucher to any store of your choice for a 42 dollar shipping and handling fee . I call this number about 3 times and a different person each time. Have fun with this one

What do u use to call them on. I need a free app or something

This number is working right now. I just called and the scammer was so dumb he didnt even notice. He asked for my first and last name so I did what anyone would do and told him my first name was Bhen and my last name was Chod. Dude didnt even notice at all and just kept rolling with it. I didnt have a fake address lined up so I hung up.

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Use TextNow or Google Voice. TextNow is a lot easier to use than GoogleVoice in my opinion though.

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