$100 Gift Card Scammers 855-936-0684

I have been on the phone with these scumbags for a couple of hours.
They have yet to block me after 47 calls from the same number,
and they keep falling for the eleventy-seven gag.
Tell them you got a post card with a verification code of: 5618 6462
(ask the rundies to please put their daddy on the phone)

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They’re still answering… but I think the rundies went home…
The one cat is a real moron, it’s like talking to a 6 year old.

Im on the phone with them now im gonna troll

He keeps denying that he is a scammer

Still going. Same number. Anyone have a call flooder?

no, but I have a few good tools to troll scammers on the phone https://prankdial.com and http://wakeupdialer.com

The rundies really hate when you ask them to put their daddy on the phone as soon as they answer. Oh, and they are all falling for the “eleventy-seven” thing on the fake card number.

I called them saying I got my post card but it didnt come with an indian husband​:joy::joy::joy:

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I gave them a fake credit card number and he was so quick to get off the phone with me as soon as I gave him it. LMAAO

They think my name is Robin Miller after I gave that code lol. So now he is scripting me this gift card. One time shipping and handling fee $4. Now he is reading me either a fake info or this might be a real person. Now I am going to give him my fake Visa. I have been approved lol. Now I am going to be talking to this scammers manager. The mangers fake name is Mike. He said I might get charged $2 and change but its part of the $4 which makes no sense lol. Then he hung up lol.

That’s the same name they thought I was… I thought it was something to do with my burner phone number having once belonged to someone else.

A few times, after reading them the code, I would say something like, “Just like the number on every post card you guys mailed out,” and they would always get furious.

I have been told the S&H charge was anywhere between 1.95 and 4.99 depending on who I was talking to.

It’s funny, there’s only a handful of scammers working there, but they seem to rotate through lots of names. Near the end of their shift, it seemed like it was just one or two dudes and they started sounding really wasted.