18883632439 microsoft support "you have a porographic spyware in your computer"

I was looking for popups and found this one it’s working and fresh (even i didn’t bait them) SO GET TO IT FOLKS
Happy hunting!
still active but their asking what number you are calling from now…

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So I called the number and got a scammer named Daniel Parker…
I told him I had to go And take care of few things he gave me his direct number and extension

Daniel Parker
888 718 0461
Ex 236

Have fun


i did the funniest thing i pretty told the guy how i was watching and downloading hardcore gay p0rn on library computers


I called the number and the scammer name is “david” He is asking for verification Number. what a fucking Joke. I called him repeatly times “bencho” it was fun !

Called 6 times so far using the same number. Seems like it is one female and one male scammer and each time they ask for your ID number. They don’t even screen the number so you ca. Just use the same number over and over. Told them I was watching a video of their mom and it was getting to the good part and why did they interrupt me.


Btw, use the direct number on the 2nd post

Lol 28 calls later and now the robo prompt is gone and no one answers. Goes to a busy signal. Great job :slight_smile: