(202) 963-3579 ssa

“Thank you for calling SSA how may I help you?”


I love these…but they answer and instantly hang up. grrrrr

Edit: Oh snap they answered with a different number. WTF are scammers so racist? He asked me if I was Retika…like wtf? When I told him I was just a guy calling ganduchods I find online, he asked me what I was going to do. I said “Give you a hard time, of course.” he stated he would rather have a soft time, so I said that would work too…

After a little back and forth, he stated “Ill be gay with your wife and you can be gay with a N*******”
Jesus Christ they are salty. Blow these racist pieces of shit up.

Lmao I asked if this was the IRS and he growled and hung up imediatly

Gonna ask for the head of the chut division next time.

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