2023-08-21 Microsoft Refund $310.99 Scam | +1-804-742-0801

Scammer number: +1-804-742-0801
Scammer website: N/A
Fake service they are refunding: Microsoft
Any other scammer information:
From address: [email protected]
When: 8/21/2023 8:49 AM
Email Subject: Thank you for being a loyal Windows customer
Email Body: details of plan
Email Attachment: W15-01_page-0001.jpg (549 KB)
Email Attachment Contents:

Microsoft Account
Invoice No# 1487-857-40051
Thank You for Shopping with us on Monday. August 21. 2023.

  • Billed To: Customer ID - 01240204602
  • Email: *** Email address is removed for privacy***
  • Customer care 24 * 7: + 1 (804) 742-0801
    Thank you for renewal of services. Here are your invoice details.

Dear Customer,
This email contains detailed information of your recent purchase with us of Microsoft defender it helps you protect your data in your computer for more details please contact our customer care representative.

If you did not make this purchase or want to cancel subscription, please contact our customer care representative within 72 hours of receiving this email. They will help you get refund for the purchase.

Thank you,
Microsoft Support Desk
Customer Care Representative: + 1 (804) 742-0801

  • Description: Windows Defender Advance Threat Protection Firewall & Network Protection
  • Quantity: (One Year Subscription)
  • Unit Price: $310.99
  • Billed Amount: $310.99
  • Total Price: $310.99

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Connect wise >mnps.info

talking to Michael Wall, then pass me the refund officer Xavier from LLC financial usa company typical refund scam

Let’s shut this number down with some chickens :chicken:

This give me such joy when you guys screw with a lead I put up.