2024-01-16 QuickBooks $518.68 Refund Scam | 1-803-868-5292

Scammer number:
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Fake service they are refunding: QuickBooks
Email Subject: Subscription Renewal Confirmed and Approved!
Email Date - Time: 01/16/24 - 9:50 AM
Email From: “Subscription_Plan” [email protected]
Email To: [REDACTED]
Email Body:
Registered Id: [REDACTED]
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Dear Customer,
We appreciate that you have chosen us as your business partner. Your Business Essentials Plan has been upgraded and a certain charge has been taken because you set auto debit for this transaction, it will take some time to appear in your banking statement.

Query or Need setup guidance contact our sales team on +1-803 868 5292.

  • Invoice Id: #QB97D62916
  • Date: Jan 16, 2024
  • Payment Method: Auto Debited
  • Order Id: QB690FS RY39679

Subscription Details:

  • Description: Business Essential Plan
  • Tenure: 1 year
  • QTY: 1
  • Amount: $680.98
  • Tax: $60.00
  • Total: $740.98
  • Discount: 30%
  • Subtotal: $518.68

Important Note:
This subscription will auto renew every 1 year unless you turn it off, no later than 24 hours before the end of subscription Period.

To cancel the subscription, you can reach us on +1 803 868 5292.

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