(213) 478-0444 Amazon cancellation

(213) 478-0444

I just hung-up with them and verified they are scammers. Go get em!

From a SION from Amazon purchase had been made from your Amazon account with amount $299.99 from your card to review order details or for cancellation. Kindly contact the helpline number 121-347-8044 extension 4.

Got em twice. They ask you to CLICK ON RUN to download either anydex or teamvuer. They sound super busy…keep it up gang!

Note: They are quick to block numbers… do as much damage as possible with your numbers before revealing or you will be blocked

bro with textme free app u can keep generating numbers to call them from!

yea, I am at work, so I can’t be messing around too much. I use that at home though :smiley:

Thanks for the heads up though! I will definitely install it on my phone. I use google voice for clients, but it makes sense to dedicate textme for the benchods.

Thanks again!

guy said i should stick the green arrow on the anydesk installation page up my mum ass!! is it better to anonymise the voip number u call these dickheads from?

I just call with the same number to see if they have any screening or blocking abilities. If they dont, sometimes I like to call upwards of 60 or 70 times just to get them to snap and finally break to have an argument.

Usually though, I change numbers each time to waste as much time as possible. Up to you my friend!

google voice cant change numbers though right

You have to create another account

Correct. However, you can create your own SIP phone and make your caller ID anything you want. You need a PBX, like FreePBX and a SIP trunk provider like FlowRoute. FlowRoute is so cheap that it is essentially free. I don’t use FreePBX since I have Asterisk installed on my Nvidia nano running Ubuntu. However, I think FreePBX is easy to set-up and use. You also need a soft phone to actually make the calls - I use Zoiper (free version).

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