$399.99 auto renewal - (229) 299-5534

Number: (229) 299-5534

Call is from refund department of antivirus support company to whom you paid 399 dollars last year for your computer services you will be charged $399.00 for your auto renewal for this year’s subscribe shoot in order to cancel your auto renewal and not to be charged please call on this 122-929-9553 extension 4 number I repeat this again 229-299-5534 talk to our representatives or else you will be charged for this year’s subscription Thank you.

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Next time you do your usual syskey on the scammers, consider doing a regedit. I think it damages them much more and according to the comments, it seems it’s just as fast when you create a file to execute and copy to their computer.

Also according to the comments, it seems that the only way to make their computer usable again, they would have to reinstall windows. Would love to see this played out and recorded.

Appreciate your time and work.