(406) 283-3736 Refund

$299 auto-renewal computer auto-renewal
when they tell you to type startcontrol.com tell them it says “this website has been flagged for suspicious activity in your region, please try again later and run away”

First they refuse to buy any of my OxiClean and then they don’t want to help me turn my mom’s laptop off.

These guys are not very helpful.

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I didn’t get but 10 minutes with these guys. They won’t answer for me anymore. Y’all keep flooding them and sharing the number

yea, u shouldnt be flooding because all that’s gonna do is make them change their number and then we lost them, u should try to download their files or RAT them

I wish I had a machine. I don’t have the means or the smarts to use a vr.

There’s multiple ways to disrupt their operations. Flooding them and wasting their time is one of them.

Just because there are more effective ways doesn’t mean we should discourage those that don’t have those means.

You’re not going to get to every number.

but if everybody tries to RAT/syskey/delete files, then theres a food possibility that we will get them, and it does a lot more damage than just call flooding them which they can avoid fairly easily

I wasn’t denying the effectiveness of screwing up their computers and syskeying them versus just calling them, but not everyone has the means and even just wasting their time still does something.

Im not saying u shouldnt waste their time, I’m saying that call flooding them is not a good option, and if someone has the means to call flood a call center then there’s no way in hell they cant download anydesk and try to fuck with them like that

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