500k line of credit in 24h.. loan scam 949-200-3125

Scammer number:949-200-3125
Any other scammer information:

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Did you phone them back? I’m not technically familiar with this type of scam yet but I’ll give it a ring after doing a quick dive into typical scripts.

I just spoke with Jeremy for an entire hour. I do not feel like this is a scam. Company is Regal Lending . Guy sounds straight Californian and answered every question I had with knowledge and patience. If this is a scam… I’m terrified. Bc Woah I threw everything at him and no turmoil or pressuring at all. Of course I gave him false info … but In a few days after I talk to my accountant friend that’s a lender I will probably phone them back for real :laughing::laughing:.

Wanting to know what you all think. I’ll attach the pamphlet he sent my dummy account after our phone convo. I’m genuinely curious now.


This is the website but I haven’t figure out how to share the pamphlet without taking a picture of each page. It’s very professional and not misspelled though. Def want to know others opinions, but I do not believe this is a scam company

Phone number search

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Looks a bit dodgy to me.
They say they’ve been around since 2002. Domain name only registered for 1yr and due to expire soon ?
Rated 9/10 on Trustpilot ? (No results found)


RIGHT. But they are very convincing… if their not in California… idk. Weird.

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And he told me that he’s only available m-f normal business hours haha. Did you get to speak with anyone? What was your impression?

I don’t have a US number yet so i can’t call them.

Found this, looks like they are scammers.

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I’m going to phone him again shortly. Any advice on questions I can ask or scenarios I can play out? I’m supposed to send him my companies “vibrate higher” bank statements from March to August to qualify. Obviously, this company doesn’t actually exist but i would like to gather some more information.

Again, this guy is intelligent, definitely has a “cali” accent, was knowledgeable on local attractions cities and distances in cali (I lived there once so I could validate), says he’s been working with them for four years, says he moved from health insurance bc he “felt” as if it was a big scam to the customers, is not pushy and is or appears to be empathetic.

Looks like there’s a legit company and a scam one. (2 different domains)

Check out the phone number on the site below.

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It’s definitely not the same number. He claims the person who left OPs voicemail is in marketing department and that he’s in a satellite office located in CA. I’m going to have to further fall into the :rabbit2::hole:

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I think the Regal Cap Group is the scam one.

On their website they say they have a Trustpilot score of 9.8 out of 10 ???
Trustpilot reviews are from 1-5 stars and theirs is supposedly 4.8, not 9.8 like they say on their website. Lol
The 1yr domain name registration makes me think its a fake/phishing/scam website.

(Checkout the names on the positive reviews versus the negative one’s)


First of like 13 page pamphlet he emailed me. The file is too big for me to attach it though😤

I tried looking on the Regal Capital Group website for that pamphlet but couldn’t find anything.
(Maybe upload it to Google drive and post a link)

The 2 similar domains, and the reports of people being scammed has really got me curious, so i decided to send them an email. Lol
Be interesting to see what sort of reply i get, if any.


Not too sure what to make of this reply to my email. (I wasn’t expecting a reply until at least Monday)

It appears there’s some sort of scam going on using this businesses name.
Just like the “Lund pe charo benchods” that pretend to be Amazon, PayPal, Microsoft, etc…

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the links at the bottom of the “Cap” group’s page don’t lead anywhere

the fact that the “Cap” group has a plus in their phone number is usually proof that they’re not actually based in the US if they don’t claim to be international. after all, if a company only operates within the US, why would they bother to use the symbol for “international exit code”?

worth noting is that actual toll-free numbers may not necessarily work with international calls, and if they do, they won’t be free.

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I am not in the USA but I have a USA number and just had Peter Griffin leave a message with them .

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If i had to bet on it, the Cap mob are the one’s I’d pick as the scam.
The shorter domain name, and just the one year registration is the norm for these scum.

As for US numbers i need to familiarize myself better with them. I’m downunder…


Me neither but once I’m able to go buy a Google play card to pay for a US number i will give them a call.

Not sure i will have much luck if their US based scammers.
I think my Aussie accent would make them suss. Whereas with the Benchods, their too focused on getting $$$ to realize what’s what.


Loving how this story is developing :male_detective:
I’ll work on downloading the file and hold off before I call him back.

Most recent interaction.

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