500k line of credit in 24h.. loan scam 949-200-3125

If anyone is still following this, @HakNoob_error_451 would make a great investigator😎. So much good Information, it is definitely a scam!

UPDATE! They called me again from different numbers still the same number they want you to call.

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Ah nice! My dude Jeremy stopped responding to me after I tried to put him on with my CPA hahah shit got too real I guess. The attachments they send you via email are not clean just FYI.

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there are ways to have a USA phone number while not being in the USA just reserch it on you tube

Thanks @snuff0utrouge5
After a lot of messing around i was finally able to get a US number using an app from the Google play store.

Atm I’m using one that’s called TextMe.
Unfortunately its a bit of a lousy app so i think im going to have to find another one.

Try TextNow. Very good quality call service. You can pick a number in any US state and city based on the area code. You can drop your number at any time and use a new one. You could even order a Sim card for $1, and upgrade to premium features like call forwarding for a low monthly cost.

I’ve tried to signup with Textnow several times so far but haven’t had much luck.
Even with a US Google account and using a vpn i still couldn’t. Got stuck at the captcha part, it just kept asking me to redo it… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: