509-524-9681 ssa

509-524-9681 Typical SSA scammers.

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Demolished :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:!! (For now at least)

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Currently on the line with him and streaming

I hit them with many micro floods of 10 calls using different voice recording of Mother Teresa. Sometimes they listen to the whole recording and sometimes they rage “mother chode”. I admire Mother Teresa and thought I would see if I could create some guilt on their part. I think it just pissed them off.

had them on the ropes for a full hour. They want a copy of drivers license and trying to gaher more information to see if it was a money scam or what and got nowhere. Im guessing theyre just trying to steal identities

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Aww…man!! Share the url

I was trying to get URL but none. He wanted me to text a picture of my ID and told him I would scan and email it instead. Email… [email protected]. He gave me a direct line but doesnt seem to be working or they blocked me. 509-316-3551

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/813536296 my time with them. Acted like i got pulled over by a cop at the end and had my friend on the phone who confiscated the gift cards

Buddy how did you get the simulator for redeeming google play gift cards? that is genius!!

Kitboga has been using that for years now, even I was hoping to get my hands on it…

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Kpemz above used it in his twitch video is he kitboga or related??

I don’t know man, just making conversation
. :joy:

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well “madarchod” means mother fucker in hindi in india,
greet them with “Chutiya” and “bahan chod” (sisterfucker) and also “laandd ka bal”

Thanks me later

These scammers are from either Bhavnagar or Vadodara (aka Baroda) in Gujarat state
One IP IP Address
ISP Reliance Jio

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