(561) 781-8985 SSA Scammers

(561) 781-8985 SSA Scammers

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I called this morning. And I ended up talking to this guy for 30 minutes and my time is precious. He talked about his home, and family. He didnt bother scamming me. I do hope he ends up leaving that job.

The guy phoned me back, and this time I talked to him for over an hour. My partner asked me if I’m providing this scammer therapy, because it seemed like it. He talked about his childhood, and read me the script of what he’s supposed to tell his victims. I’m somewhat confident I’ve convinced this guy to leave this line of work.

These scammers are just Bullshitting you to death - I have called them three times today and each time (thinking I am an old lady) they have scammed me with reckless abandon - but on a positive note - they also lost three accounts for receivers in the US with East West Bank - so I feel really good right now.

That’s good they got some comeuppance. My consolation is having occupied one scammer for one hour and a half, and they got nothing from me.

The number now says “The number you called is being investigated for fraudulent activities”