618 307 6274 Your SS has been "deactivated" + Tips

I only get them before 5 eastern. 7/12/2019. Indians. Car in Texas with drugs. Use a REAL address! First hung up > tried to transfer me – I hinted calling DEA myself. Mistake. Second call she said my address was fake. Rookie mistake. Passed me to what I believe to be an “OCCUPIER.” >>paid to occupy the baiters time so they aren’t tying up the lines. Will play on your sympathy to get you to talk to HIM instead of calling back. Hang UP and grab another google number.

EDIT: Hang UP if transferred to the guy that wants to TALK. He is employed to try to make you feel guilty so you wont call back. Blocked me then unblocked me days later so try it again! WILL check your address and social --make sure both are real. Checked my SSN and said it was fake. One wanted a full SSN instead of just the last 4 digits.

Kept them on longer with one that matched my state. >>>

How to Decipher a Social Security Number

NEVER give out REAL numbers, addresses, SS#, etc.