(726) 268-0513 ssa

They ask for your SSN number so look up an SSN generator on google then put in the state that you told them and the year that u told them that u were born if they ask

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Asked if this was the IRS and a lady told me I have the wrong number, told her id call again, and maybe id get the right gaanduchod next time and she said FU and hung up lmao they mad.

Ask for the fake gaanduchod officer Anthony Davis, he is salty af rn now XD!!!

Told him he was speaking with Terri Maki Chut

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Lol… They aren’t picking up now

I was hoping to speak with Anthony

Yeah they arent answering their phones anymore they mad lmao

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It might not be dead though sometimes they shut don’t pickup for a while or they turn off the number for a while