(786) 677-9554 Refund

Your customer your subscription for the computer maintenance has been successfully removed and your account has been Auto Data good for $399.99 if you want to cancel it or want a refund please call or billing department 117866779554 or press one to speak to the billing officer now thank you and have a nice day.

They use fsupport.com
tell them it says “this website has been flagged due to suspicious activities in your region, please try again later, then underneath that it says run away in green , then below that it says related links” then list a bunch of remote control soft wares but list anydesk as the first one, and if they tell you to click something else pretend u clicked anydesk, then go to anydesk.com and tell them ok it says thankyou for downloading anydesk and something is popping up saying this desk n remote desk