(786) 687-5511 Refund

You have been charged $399.00 from your Bank account this morning for the computer services which you purchased last year. The plan has already been Auto renewed as per the subscription, and your account has been Auto debited with $399.00. If you want to cancel the subscription, please call 178-668-7551 extension 1. I repeat, 786-687-5511. Thank you.

wouldn’t let me connect…

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I wonder why… :stuck_out_tongue:

“Thank you for calling PC sue-poet, how may I help you?” Hi, I was wondering if you would let me connect to your PC and edit some information to make it look like I took all your money. Would you be interested in that?"

/hangs up

OMG there hold music holy shit


I know right!

Welcome to TSU! I hope you enjoy your time here and have fun!

Haha, I was about to say :joy::joy:

They are not picking up now :stuck_out_tongue:

They mostlikely got tired of us and shut down for the day
tomorrow they might be active

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