800-978-4501 Dirty Tech Support Scammer

This clown spent 20 minutes trying to convince me he’s not a scammer. All he knows how to do in interupt like a typical gandu chutiya bhenchod.

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Ok so that company is called this.


I did called the guy didn’t sound India to me but I would like one of the admins on here or someone to try and see what else they can do to see if its a real scam or not thanks.


Or just google their number. Thanks

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Yeah im pretty sure they just happened to hack this companys phone number

It might be smart to first call a suspected scam call center to let them do their spiel first to confirm if they’re running a scam and once you confirm that they’re running a scam and they’re not legit, THEN fuck with them.

I called numerous times after doing some research. The same person answered everytime so I gave him a fake name and a fake phone number, and he said that my accent was awful and hung up the call. I don’t think it’s legitimate.

Edit: I think it’s just two people running the scam. I spoke to another guy with a different department and he admitted that it was a scam and he didn’t like working for the company.

Just called these guys up from someone else posting the number and saw the post was already on the forum so I called them and confronted them abt all the negative reviews and why they scam people and the guy just ignored everything I said and acted like the phone was breaking up and then ended the call lol

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