(802) 342-4807 | Norton refund scammers

Scammer number: (802) 342-4807
Scammer website: none
Fake service they are refunding:
Any other scammer information:
Norton AntiVirus has shipped! Track your order here.
Payment estimate of $499.99 for Norton AntiVirus Prime has been processed successfully.

You can get in touch with our customer service team anytime.

Date of Issue: December 20, 2023
Company: Norton AntiVirus Prime
Service: C Cleaner Membership
Support Duration: 5 Years
Total Charge: $499.99

For any modification, cancellation, or any special request, please contact Support Center at - 802 342 4807.

Aleksey Rozenbaum
Norton AntiVirus Prime
802 342 4807
2405 230th Street, Pasadena MD 21122 United States
Answering this morning 6:24 AM Pacific Time

Transferred me to the “Linux Dept”, but unfortunately he ran into some issues connecting and then told me to suck his Liṅga.

Here’s an image they sent me that goes along with this scam number: