(808) 207-4312 Geek Support Refund

Some of them want you to use fastconnect.us


omg the ringing in the background is so so so clutch. It is like they are 3 guys surrounded by 200 phones. I imagine them holding like 3 or 4 receivers in each hand in my mind lmao.

Good for me too because I live in HI, where this area code is from, so when he said he was from Hawaii, I asked which Island. he changed it up and said “We are at Japan.” I asked if it was the Benchod Japan or the normal one.

/trigger alert.

Totally active, give em hell gang


I gotta bump this one time. Damn they are dumb. Jesus Christ I’ve called using the same number so many times and they don’t even have screening software or ability to block you. It’s gotta be total chaos in there right now.

Edit: 50 calls in and going strong. Something about this is just too much fun. Especially while at work. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone :smiley:

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