(808) 466-7708 SSA Scammer, I guess

(808) 466-7708 SSA Scammer
One of the most vile people I have spoken to in a long long time

if you are going to call them, you need to know that the message they sent is about criminal activity related to your ss number
they told me a car in texas was found with cocaine and somehow linked back to the fake name and social i gave them, they claim to have a system to look you up but you can just make up the numbers they wont catch it.

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Uh, they absolutely will check your SSA number against an SSA decode website and challenge you to tell them in what state the number was issued, and they will also get suspicious if the number was not issued in your birth year (even though for many years many of us didn’t actually apply for a number until we entered the work force)

It’s easy enough to have a few fake numbers for which you know the issued year and state. Even if the fresher lets a bad number slip through, the closer will usually catch it. It’s not their first rodeo. That goes for most of the SSA creeps, not just these guys.

No they dont i gave them just a random string of numbers