815-283-3570 claims to be Veteran's Affairs

These guys call me and my dad roughly once every two weeks. They have a lot of approximate information but none of it is correct. I’ve tried to keep them on the phone but they seem to know I’ve got them figured out and won’t answer my calls any more. The woman that called me today claimed to be named Michelle, calling from Veterans Service Company to help refinance my VA home loan and create a savings account.

These guys just called me again, not sure if it’ll bump the thread. Newest number they called me from is 815-205-4006

Tried calling, they claimed I might have the wrong number. Might be a spoof caller id

Hmm. When I called them back last week I got the same call center. They launched their pitch and then someone told them to hang up on me.

Just called both numbers, got the same call center answering for both. I’ve reported them to the FTC every single time they’ve called me, it’s driving me insane.