Left a voicemail that there’s a problem with my computer. Called back and tried to rip off my grandpa. He told them to stick it.


Nice I’ll give em a call tomorrow and welcome to the forum!

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This number is active lmaoo i trolled them sooo many times it is too funny


Just set a new personal record, 1hr 8minutes on the phone. All I have is an iPhone so obviously everything he tried wasn’t connecting or I couldn’t load so I was google image searching the login screens so I could read what I was seeing to him. He gave up and just started asking for payment before he connected me to a technician who could help, so I exhausted several fake CC numbers. When he finally was giving up and politely saying goodbye, I let on that I was wasting his time from an iPhone and he legit sounded deflated and called me an a-hole, followed by the typical cookie cutter cursing and insults these guys all use (seriously I wish they would get fresh material, or at least steal some of mine!).

Glad I found this site! Thanks for the #


i just gave it a try, (calling a scammer for the first time btw)
he called me yesterday too, i googled the number and found this forum.
dunno why they even call in germany.
i got on firertc and called him back

i told him, that my name is Jonas, i’m a technician at “”""“MICHAELSOFT”"""" in Munich (germany),
i told him that his pc is infected. (i was thinking, this is never going to work)

he instantly gave me his TV-ID and PW
i instantly syskeyed him.

i said “don’t f.u.ck w/ germany m.a.d.erchod”
and he was like “thank you, this is all i wanted”
had a cool little conversation with him, AND HE WAS SO F.U.C.KING CALM!

now i’m mad that i didn’t record any of that

I scammed a scammer, he was calm, i am mad cuz no recording

1 hour of his time gone RIP John he know though and didn’t care