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Scammer number: 833.326.6378
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Fake service they are refunding: Norton
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Thank You for your 0rder.
We are pleased that you have chosen us as your first choice for your system security. Your 0rder has been placed on January 20th, 2023.
Please have a look at the Following Details of your bill :
Date: January 20, 2023
Amount: USD 398.67
Order ID: RCFD_567448
Status: Auto-Paid
Product: #N0RT_0NE#

                                            Product Details:

Name QTY. Price
@Nort-Pro 01 $398.67

As per the records,your bill was paid as you opted Auto-Upgrade features,while registering once the service is activated, you will receive another Email confirmation.

                                                                                 Sub Total: $398.67 
                                                                     Installation Charges: 0.00
                                                                                             Tax: $ 0.00
                                                                          Order Details: $ 398.67
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