(844) 361-5914 Found this on another forum and it works

Indian Abuse Clip (Copyright: Big Narstie)

Are they spoofing ADT alarm systems?

noppe they arent they are tech scammers

I am talking to scammer Mike, I said I got a miss call from this number and then he hung up. Another fake Microsoft scam. Lol so the same guy picked up and changed him name to Steve and I asked him why he hung up on me and then I called him out like what type of scam he is doing and he said Microsoft so yeah then he hung up lol have fun.

steve picked it up again and abused him in mother tongue lol he hung up

Yeah, sorry I had dialed one digit incorrectly and got ADT…
Apparently these scammers don’t have caller ID because I have called them from the same number over a dozen times and messed with them, and they keep answering.
Man these guys are stupid.