(844) 662-8777‬ alive again- windows license key expired


Just wasted 23 minutes of their time. Super slow VM had them discouraged, shoddy crew.


told me to go to www.mswindows7.com and click tech level 1…for supremo.exe! running it now!


057485386 is their connection code with supremo


Having a lot of fun with these guys.


Called them, wasted their time. If someone wants to experiment with their files, or use them as an excuse to call them so it isn’t a cold call, here is the link to the mediafire. Use it on a VM, since, it all kills explorer.exe so you can’t use your computer.
P.D. The program they use is from a legit company, it’s called supreme. They leave it there so they can see if you uninstalled it.


They won’t play with me. Just keep cutting me off


These guys are amazing. He spent 2 minutes teaching me hindi swear words before hanging up

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I just got done off the phone I also got there connection code and they told me to F off and I started swearing to him in Hindi and he rage hung up. Lol

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