(844) 715-1007 Made these scammer wanna cry

Scammer number: (844) 715-1007
Scammer website:
Fake service they are refunding:
Any other scammer information: (airtelbroadband.in)
Country : India (IN) Area Code : Unknown ISP : Airtel Broadband
City : Hyderabad Zip Code : 500003 Longitude : 78.437800
State : TG Metro : Unknown Latitude : 17.372400


Agent : Thank you for calling PAYPAL this is adam how can i help you?
Customer: i received an email stating that i have been charged 349 $ and i didnt make any purchase.
Agent : i m really sorry to hear that can you help me out with the invoice number or transaction id number
Customer : 78202998392020
Agent : just give me a moment let me check what went wrong…
Agent : Thank you for being on hold as i can see somebody tried purchasing Crypto(Bitcoin) did you try doing that or it was somebody else?
Customer : i didn’t do that
Agent : did you share your personal credential
Customer : no never
Agent: now what i have found that there is breach on your network which means it’s an attempted of tampering which has been taken palce . so are you aware of this.
Customer : No not all
Agent : and do you know anybody from China tried to take the access of your personal credential and they were trying to do all illegal stuffs they were trying to purchase a bitcoin(cypto currencies) under you name alright?
Customer : ok
Agent : so as because you are one of our precious client what i can do for you is that i can get u connected to refund’s department and the refunds department is going to give you an online refund claiming form which you need to fill up by urself and claim ur refund and also at the same time the paypal technician is going to work on ur account so that you dont loose any of ur personal information over the internet in future ok?
Customer : ok
Agent : so in order to go ahead and get u connected to the refunds department i beleive ur infront of the computer?
Customer : yes
So what i am going to the transfer the call to the refund’ department so just be on hold
And if the customer say’ s if he or she is not infront of the computer you need to ask them to be infront of the computer and then transfer the call.

Do you mind if I place you on a brief hold while I look into that for you?

While I take care of this for you

I completely understand how you feel; I would feel the same way if that happened to me so, let me see what I can do to resolve the problem for you.

I apologize on our behalf of our company for any misunderstanding, let me see what I can do to solve the problem.

Feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have.


Cancellation Form

New form

FTC New Form

paypal Form


they are just hanging up! they so afraid from anything

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I’ve reported all of their Google forms.

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