(855) 446-9808 Premium Techie Support Scammers

(855) 446-9808 Premium Techie Support Scammers

Called them and they said that this was a prank call

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I called them and said I got this number to help me with viruses. They were quick to say that they do not “fix” viruses but do support on other apps. I still managed to waste about 10min of their time

They got extremely upset when I asked legitimate questions about computers, such as “what would be better for legacy gaming? a physical computer or a virtual machine? would the VM run the games well?”

They called me a prank caller and hung up.

Yep I used the encpopup and told them that I had a virus. They started discussing something in the background. They asked where I got their number from and I airily said that my friend recommended it to me. They said “Acknowledge that this is not a professional call, this is a prank call ok?”