(888) 225-5709 Microsoft popup

How did you get it? also you are a professional scam finder.

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typosquatting is what it’s called < look at ScammerRevolts scambaiting guide he has a list of typosquatting domains

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I try doing uyotube.com and ammazon.com. I think I am just very unlucky in finding them
do I have to disable something in my browser?

no you just have to try different ones and use different browsers

It’s oddly satisfying to waste their time

number is working I’m using textnow, I think its dead it rings for one second then auto hangs up

they probably shut the number down for the day, but it will most likely be working tomorrow

I’m pretty sure it’s shut down. Tried to call them today, and it didn’t work. Just hung up immediately.