905-834-3727 working IRS scam number

I got this number from badnumbers.info and decided to call it

In the bad numbers page BAD NUMBERS - 905-834-3727 / 9058343727 they are both a Microsoft and IT’S scam but it’s an IRS SCAM

I called them and they said hello I said hello and they can’t hear me or something I say you are such a teri maki choot (MEANS YOUR MOTHERS PIKACHU) and he said I can’t hear what you are saying so please don’t call again and I hung up because they are idiots

So blow there phones up please

In fact I might call again

(EDIT) I think they blocked me

Another Canadian number


I prank called them I chouldnt hear the beginning line but I said yes and they said hello and they said hi back and then I told them are they the IRS and they said yes and then I said how much am I getting charged and then they said I’m 12 (I’M WHAT 10 AND IM USING MY REAL VOICE ALSO I’M KNOW I’M TOO YOUNG BUT STILL I JUST STARTED PRANK CALLING) and I said loudly TERI MAKI CHOOT and they hung up
Man idiots sometimes