(915) 621-2398 ssa

SSA scammers… You know what to do XD
(915) 621-2398

its full with voice mails LMAO what I think there full on calls idk

I got an answer wtf is this music playing

One of them picked up, and I talked to them for about half an hour. I don’t know how much I can trust them but they seem to be in pretty bad situation.
This particular guy, pseudo name - Mark, was kicked out of his company and started doing this out of desperation.
He also revealed a few things about these “businesses” that are just disgusting.
I feel there could be a better way to target the actual brains and administration behind these call centers.

These agents will always keep changing, numbers will keep changing. And we won’t be able to make a long lasting impact unless we strike on the roots.

They all say that, and even if this was the case u should never resort to robbing old people (thats who they target)

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I talked to fake officer Kevin Parker and he needed image of my diver license.
They are in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
IP Address
India, Jaipur
ISP Spiderlink Networks Pvt Ltd

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I agree with you, and that’s what I said. Whatever excuses you give, whatever situation you are in, it doesn’t give you any right to rob people of their hard earned money.
He went quiet for a while then.

I just was thinking of something we can do to have a huge impact on this practice.
TRAI, who supervises all the communication and broadcasting in India is not very smart when it comes to VoIP calls and similar digital mediums.
But something can be done in US maybe.

Most of these scammers use textnow services. Which offers free call from and to US numbers. I understand its difficult amidst elections and corona, but if we somehow pull attention of the government body who has a say in these matters, we can maybe make things better.

The minimum that should be imposed on textnow is profile verification.

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