A compilation of fake tech support popup numbers [Nov 6th 2018]

Here’s a compilation of my tech support popups i’ve found today.

link: hxxp://technicyou55.club/99
number: 1-865-432-2907

link: N/A (due to long url code)
number: 1-844-468-1990

link: hxxp://expert.contact-support-phone-number.com/microsoft-support/
number: 1-855-276-5444
picture: Found this after a long google search

link: N/A (due to long url)
number: 1-800-230-8766
picture: my browser crashed, ended up googling the number and found this picture in google images.

link: hxxps://www.pxcd.cf/call-for-microsoft-support-1-866-571-9777/firedgex/undefined
number: 1-866-571-9777

If i find anymore i’ll post here, if some numbers are dead just let me know and i’ll remove them from the post :slight_smile:

Happy baitin’!

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