A Discord Server <3

Risen from the ashes of other channels’ drama, exclusion, poor management, and bad decisions. Scambaiters United strives to adhere to the principle of scambaiting: Sticking up for the little guy after they had been misled, stolen from, lied to, and ruined by those who would exploit them.

Scambaiters United seeks to get a little bit of justice for those victims while dishing out their own little forms of payback and preventing future scams by occupying scammers’ time, jamming up their phones, sharing scammers’ telephone numbers, and even leading them on wild goose chases.

Scambaiters United it’s also a great community for people to find friends and connections. They regularly watch streams as a crew. Sometimes movies or anime or video games. A little bit of something for everyone.
Want to join a Scambait server that is active in the fight against Scammers? https://discord.gg/8WGnU4j ; this may be the place for you!