A Little help please on VOIP

I’m new to all of this scam baiting, I’ve got the following setup

Stealth VM

  • few key programs change to show error msg, taskmgr, notepad etc

VPN to mask my location
The only thing I’m not sure about is how to go about making the calls without costing me anything (if possible)

I’ve installed Bria (X-Lite and have configured to a SIP, but that will cost me)

I’ve looked at a few other voip solutions, but they all seem to have a cost attached, I would really like to use a desktop solution as it would be easier, but will go with what you experts say.


You can use textnow.com . Thats what i use to call scammers . Its free too .

I do have an account for that, do you use it via the web app or your mobile?

I use it via web. Like you can easily copy and paste number.

Great thanks for responding, I’ll give it a go

Ok , firertc.com is a good one too , idk if it really works but i heard about it .