A Little Hindi Lexicon [rude]

BEWARE: offensive material below. If you’re a really, really nice person you can skip this.

For Verbal Interactions: A Hindi Lexicon for Scambaiting

Moron Moorkh (Moork)

Idiot Bevakooph (bee-va- koof )

Sister [insult] Behenji (Ba- hen -gee)

Bitch Kutiya ( Koot- ya)

Little Man Chhota aadamee ( Cho da ahd- mee)

Little Boy Chhota Bachcha ( Cho da Ba- cha)

Little Girl Chhotee Bachchee ( Cho dee Ba- ch ee )

Thief Chor

Bad Thief Bura Chor

Kid Bachcha ( Ba- cha)

Bastard [very offensive] Huraamee [is literal]

Slut/Whore Gustee (Gus- tee)

One Who gets assfu*ked regularly Gaandoo

Maadar chode [very offensive] Motherfu*ker [is literal]

Ass torn from anal? Phat gayii (Fat Gayee)

I will fu*k your ass and tear it. Phat doong- aa

Non-verbal Interactions for cut and paste purposes, some also listed in the Hindi alphabet. (Most are impossible to say aloud in a smooth or intelligent way.)

चूत के पकोड़े

(chuut kay pa-ko-ray)

=You vagina pakora [quite light and somewhat friendly]

Offensive names for an Indian. “तेरी माँ की साकी नाका” and “तेरी माँ की साकी नाका” [prob get triggered]

अति दुर्बल भेन्चोदा

(uh-ti dur-bal bhen-cho-daa)

=spineless douche - [not too serious]

Tere baap ko us raat chup chaap so Jana chahiye tha.

=dad should have shut up and gone to sleep that night. [burn]

अगर आप चैट करते हैं, तो क्या आपको बुरा लगता है?

(agar aap chait karate hain, to kya aapako bura lagata hai?) [prob a trigger]

=Do you mind if I jerk off while we chat?

अरे दोस्त, क्या तुमने कभी अपने लिंग को गाय में फंसाया है?

(are dost, kya tumane kabhee apane ling ko gaay mein phansaaya hai?) [very offensive]

=hey buddy, have you ever stuck your dick in a cow hole?

मैं इस चीज़बर्गर से प्यार कर रहा हूं।

(main is cheezabargar se pyaar kar raha hoon.) [insensitive]

= I’m loving this cheeseburger.

आपके शरीर में 206 हड्डियाँ हैं, आपको एक और चाहिए?

(aapake shareer mein 206 haddiyaan hain, aapako ek aur chaahie?) [silly, baiting]

= You’ve got 206 bones in your body, want one more?

क्या वे तुम हो?

kya ve tum ho?

[if camera accessed] Is that you?

Compiled and created by SqrlGrl in tribute to Scammer Revolts xo


Thanks for sharing this! I will definitely copy and paste this for future use! :laughing: :heart:

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