A new type of scam in the market

Greetings, I’m Greg Berman, am 59-years-old widower. Am diagnosed with laryngeal Cancer, I have decided to DONATE US$8,000,000 to you to promote charity works, children in need, the poor and to help the homeless. Let this be my last offering. Respond with this Ref: SOULWINNING2019 so I will know you got this. God bless you abundantly

Email: [email protected]

What did I do to deserve so much money? I mean now I have to use a referral in order to get money

Those 419 email scams are nothing new. I go after the ones with a phone number and bombard their number with calls. If you have extra time here and there, its good to bait them and waste their time and trick them in the end. Funny stuff.

I know. This is my 3rd one this month. Heck I don’t even get their actual pin codes let alone their phone numbers. I try to get as much info as possible but they barely reply.

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