A tech support scammer

Another tech support scammer website

Own of the domain.

Could get it shutdown if we record enough acts of fraud… I’d be willing to site on the phone with them if we have a video or audio of them trying to rip someone off.

Ok thks i guess for that information

I said that because scamming people is fraud and i thought it would be a good title its a tech support scam website

I updated it to just tech scammer

@Mr.Vertigo9000, I think @CJones’s point was. Have you been in contact with them and did they try to scam you? If so any details.

Or did you just think this site doesn’t look right?

I believe they are legitimate. The website and phone call I had with them both seem legit

This is some little computer company out of Ohio. Seems legit to me

Yeah i just realized i requested to delete it dont worry