Active refund scammer number

They called me a few minutes ago, and I just tried it out right before posting.

Ok so they are still active and he said his name was Shane and then he said get the f out of here I didnt even say anything I just said hi.

They must be sleeping:

Hold Music

Dance to the grove

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Asst Manager Kevin Cooper
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Hey, just called them, still active. They let me in with Anydesk and I had time to transfer 1 file text with 2 numbers with their TeamViewer before they catch me.

Was my first time so i’m still pretty happy even if I couldn’t do more.

Unfortunatly the numbers in the file are not valid numbers so I can’t call the victims back. There is only 9 digits instead of 10. Does it happend often ? To prevent us to warn people ?

Anyway, that was really fun, thanks a lot everybody ! :smile:

Ps : Can I upload the txt here ?

Update, I was able to find the number with the Queensland area code as it was written “Queensland” next to one of the name.
I called the 2 numbers and they both were very old men with no knowledge of IT. They reminded my grand-father that pasted away a few month ago.
I’m so glad I was able to warn them about the scam.

They hipped me soooo much to do more of this.
People deserve it.

Thanks again guys for every information on here !

The numbers in the file you got were not a phone number but likely to be another victims Anydesk ID numbers (or another remote connection program ID). I was able to grab multiple files and they all had ID numbers.

They are not picking me up… I am going to annoy the shit out of them.

I was able to connect to multiple PCs through different programs and took some of their files. They had other victims IDs and passwords in them. Also after one of the guys swore at me, he called back from his direct number. The 7662 number call forwards to their SIP software randomly assigning a “technician” each time.

The new number is 216-504-6541

Have fun guys and go to work! :wink:

When I call they try to get me to a website techsupport.uf did not work and they hanged up.

Why are there so many microsoft refund scam calls now?

@ScammerRevolts Still active as a Microsoft refund scam, give them a call on 805-248-7662.

I called these guys and they were speaking Spanish