Ad on THIS site!

Hi, I’m brand new here. I discovered this site via the great YouTube video …“Scammer Rages When I Delete His Files”. I’ve been lurking, and decided to join because I was fed a scammy ad on this website (screenshot attached) :hushed:. Nice tops, but I always research purchases, so I went to Trustpilot and the first complaint was about 509-207-4166. According to the complaint, they were asked to download software and had their PayPal account hacked! :rage:

Hello, Looks like this number has been placed on many clothing or bed supply site reviews claiming to give a refund if that number was called, I don’t think it has any affiliation with that company. Most of the ROTITA reviews are bad but I think that’s just them having bad/cheap quality clothes and not being a good company altogether and not them being linked to that number.

One of these posts is even on a site that is currently not operating.

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