Advance Tech Live (Garmin, Microsoft, anything really) support

These scammers were able to scam my grandpa today… And I’m pretty pissed about it.

This number 800 897 0920 is tied to

Ext 900 routes to the degenerate pile that scammed my grandpa. They claimed to be Garmin support and syskeyed his computer. The degenerate went by the name Steven Brink.

I called the number back and reached the same guy, he answered for Microsoft support. When confronted he claimed he also did Garmin support. Of course.

I would love it if this community could destroy these a**holes…

Thanks in advance everyone… I love what this community does and what it stands for. Keep fighting the good fight!

If someone ends up doing something to these fools, I would love to know the outcome!!

Hey dude sorry to see that they scammed you grandpa and i will avenge you I have a virtual machine lets see how they like their own medicine