African and Credit Card Scams

I am new to the form. Love the youtube videos. Have you guys ever dealt with African scammers like lottery or atm card scams? Suggestions on how to mess with these guys and catch them like you when you syskey the tech scammers computers. I get emails from lotto and atm card scam people like this all the time.

Also I get alot of scam calls from Indians trying to help me with my credit card debt they claim to be from a company called “Card Member Services”. Anyway on how to catch these idiots or mess with them?

ATM/Lottery scams do not usually get to the point where they try to get remote access of your computer, if they do it’s like one in a dozen. Most people just try to waste these guys’ time by calling them a lot to the point where they change numbers, or block you.

To answer your second question here are some helpful posts!:

For calling I see a lot of people using google voice, fireRTC, and those free phone apps on the appstore/googleplay store. I personally use google voice