Almost got these guys

They use team viewer 9, anydesk, and goto assist.
Anydesk ID:164303082

I am on the phone with them now they want me open the run box, Lol these scammers are idiots I had a 20 argument they kept telling me to hit yes on the connected to to website where it says connected to go to assist and then the 2 questions they said hit yes and I kept telling them over and over there is no yes option. They asked me this as well like 1000 times what do u see on your screen and I keep repeating it says we are connected to go to assist and I see two questions. I was dying. I was hoping for them to use TeamViewer or any desk but nope lol. Then I called them out on there refund form and they are like how do u know about this I am like bc I know a lot more computers then u scammers do and then instant hang up.

whats the number? I wanna call em

The number is here 707-216-0582‬