Alpha7 scammers are back! (Refund scammers)

These are the same scammers from my video where I was showing the scammer pictures of himself, They are back and running windows 10 computers.

Fake refund site:

The number they called on: (585) 283-0343

The number they told me to call: (805) 470-1948

Msg they left:
I am calling you from computer refund department the company that you made the payment for your software security is no longer in business as you have a subscription remaining for two years. We are going to refund your payment. Please call us on 805-4798 to claim your refund plus one. I repeat, press one to get connected to the refund department.

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They are also calling off the number I just posted as well. But I have changed my number twice and they just hang out I wait about 5 mins and then call back but maybe someone else will get lucky and be able to get into there computer and run wanna cry and Memz.

Yeah I got on one and tried to see if it was an old ver of 10 but it was updated with no syskey :confused: