Amazon Account Hacked - Possible Scam

Wondering if anyone else has seen a scam where the scammers try and represent themselves as Amazon tech/employee’s who are saying that your account is being used by multiple parties and a charge of (enter amount) is about to be placed on your credit card? I’ve already done all the checking (story below) and know that is not happening, along with notifying my bank (just in case), but was curious to see if anyone else had come across this scam, as well.

I got a call like this and at first I panicked, but then the cooler half of my brain thought to check my bank account real quick (while on the phone to the scammer), and no unauthorized charges have gone through in a couple days, and nothing was pending, either. They were saying a charge of $120 would be put on my card for Amazon prime membership. My membership is set to monthly, and even if it were to charge yearly, it would only come to about $85. When things didn’t add up, I listened to my gut and started asking all kinds of questions. It was at the point he tried getting me to go to and connect to my computer that I knew deep in my gut it was a scam. Fortunately, I had a family member needing help and was able to tactfully get off the phone, but I don’t think I’ll be answering any more calls from that number. I also notified my bank about twenty minutes ago via an email to my main branch, just in case a random unauthorized charge does try to go through, but since I didn’t give any bank or credit card info out over the phone, I doubt one will.

The only reason I’m not going to bother putting the number in is because it does come back as an Amazon customer service number. Since I know that scammers frequently spoof very real businesses, the phone number is not helpful in any way.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks, and any info as to whether this is becoming a thing would be nice. My parents are both elderly (one has dementia), and I’m constantly having to catch scams before they become a real problem.

It’s been a pretty common scam for a while now, Iv actually had less and lass interactions with scammers like this so it seems it’s either starting to die down or I just have not manage to cross path with any amazon scammers recently.

Literally, not quite an hour after I hung up on one, another one tried to call my mom and convince her of the same thing. I asked this guy the same questions and his answers just weren’t making sense. He ended up hanging up on me. I guess I didn’t seem like an easy enough mark. Mom will be keeping an eye on her bank, too, just in case.